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Come exercise at the fitness of our new wellness centre 'Les Brises Wellness & Fitness' at 5-star campsite Séquoia Parc on the Atlantic coast in France.

Test the latest cardio and strength equipment from the Lifefitness brand
A treadmill with a FlexDeck shock absorption system that reduces tension and provides an effective cardio workout suitable for users of all levels.
An elliptical machine that combines biomechanical technologies and is able to mimic the natural movement of the human body with quiet operation.
A rower with a Fluid Technology Resistance System that provides natural flowing sensations and easily adjusts the degree of resistance to fit the widest range of users.
A stepper (stair simulator) with spacious steps that allow you to safely set your foot during ultra-moderate to moderate workouts. You can reach new heights with slow, steady ascents or fast intensive HIIT training.
A straight bike that simulates the driving of a road bike and ensures a correct biomechanical position of the legs, which limits tension in the knees and joints and ensures great comfort.
We also have a multi-use bodybuilding equipment offering many training options

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