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Environmental protection

Campsite Séquoia Parc, in France, is very solicitous over the environment.
As a reward for our environmental awareness, we have received the french award: "La Clef Verte". Become actor in this process through daily actions, quick and easy!

Waste – help us recycle!

You will find 3 types of waste containers near the mini-farm :

  • Small containers for household waste (black bags)
  • One big container for selective sorting of household waste like plastic bottles, cartons, tins, aerosol cans... (yellow bags)
  • Glass containers
You are requested to put your well closed waste bags in these containers. Please do not leave full rubbish bags on your emplacement, in your accommodation or near the waste bins on the site.


Used batteries can be placed in special bins at the reception and supermarket.


Do not throw bulbs in the trash, please bring them to the reception.

Water and energy consumption

Please keep doors and windows closed when using the heater or air conditioning in your accommodation and do not leave lights on when not necessary.

Avoid wasting water by not leaving taps running, and not entirely pulling the flush.

The swallows

You will certainly see the swallows around the sanitary buildings. They choose the wooden beams of the ceilings to build their nests. In France the swallows are protected birds and we are not allowed to chase or disturb them.
Unfortunately we can’t protect the entrance of the sanitary blocks and the laundry and dishwashing areas and you will see the birds fly in and out. A big advantage of the presence of swallows is that they feed on insects and especially mosquitoes. They catch around a million mosquitoes each in one season!

Top tricks 

Contributing to a greener environment 


  • Opt for travel on foot or by bike 


  • Choose food products and household products without packaging


  • Do the waste sorting and recycling

See the pics

Camping Séquoia Parc *****

See the pics

Camping Séquoia Parc *****
Camping Séquoia Parc *****
Camping Séquoia Parc *****
Camping Séquoia Parc *****
Camping Séquoia Parc *****